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Activate Your Weight Loss Program-EBook Version

Learn how to Exercise Less, Eat More and Lose Twice as much Weight in Less than 20 minutes per day?

Dear Friend
If you are interested in losing weight, toning up, getting fit and feeling better about yourself in less than 20 minutes per day with less exercise and more quality eating then the Activate Your Weight Loss Program is for you.
The Activate Your Weight Loss Program covers everything you need to know about losing weight, toning up, getting fit, feeling great and having the body you have always dreamed of and best of all it can be performed in as little as 20 minutes per day.
The Activate Your Weight Loss Program is designed to help you get your life back on track and ultimately put you back in control of your health and well being.
You will learn…
  • The easy way to lose those unwanted kilos
  • The right way to exercise, in the least amount of time so you no longer have to endure those torturous exercise sessions
  • The simple way to eat to get the results that you want without having to go on a restrictive diet that leaves you starving
  • What is really causing you to be overweight and not feeling good about yourself in the first place
  • The hidden truth behind body fat and why we are really carrying too much of it…and the fastest and easiest way to get rid of it. This can take less than 5 seconds once you know the secret
  • Why your emotions are slowly killing you but once you understand why they really exist you can master them to allow you to have the body and the life of your dreams

    The Activate Your Weight Loss Program will provide you with the correct information, tools and support to start creating your ideal body today!

    Imagine being able to…
    • Train less and get double your results in half the time
    • Eat more of the food that is good for you more often
    • Have more energy to do the things you love
    • Feel taught, trim and terrific in your new clothes
    • Witness the amazement of your friends when they see the new you
    • Be more attractive to the opposite sex
    • Do things that you never thought were possible. Maybe you want to lie on the beach in your bikini without feeling self conscious, climb a mountain or compete in a triathlon.
    You will have all of this in less than 20 minutes per day!
    What if you could…
    • Learn the secret technique that controls all of your food cravings and addictions, so that you no longer comfort-eat when you are feeling down. You will wish you had known about this sooner.
    • Lose your unwanted body weight / fat with ease and it has nothing to do with exercise or eating.
    • Free your self from the burdens, emotional baggage and unfinished business that have been causing your excess body weight / fat in the first place.
    • Re-create your body and sculpt it to look and feel how you want it to look and feel.
    Imagine being able to…
    • Easily and effortlessly attract anything that you want in your life because of the incredible personal charisma and magnetism you are creating with your new body and self image.
    You will learn how to…
    • Attract your ideal partner,
    • Attract your ideal level of wealth and prosperity,
    • Attract your ideal business or career,
    • Attract your ideal lifestyle…
    …all because you are finally learning how to be aligned with your ideal self…that amazing part of you that only wants the best for you at all times…and is reflected in your new body.
    You will learn…
    • How to access within yourself a powerful tool that rests and rejuvenates your body so you have more energy – this one is a lot easier than you think.
    • 5 easy steps for creating the body of your dreams from the inside out.
    • 2 simple ways to put on muscle mass so you burn twice the body fat.
    • How to increase your sex appeal and attraction to the opposite sex, in a matter of minutes.
    • 3 proven strategies for losing weight and toning up whilst having fun with your friends. You will not be able to stop smiling when you perform these strategies.
    • 7 Tips and Tricks for how to detoxify your body of all of its nasty impurities.
    • A dirt cheap way to have your own personal gym without all the expensive equipment, without requiring a large space, without the exorbitant costs and you will be able to take it on business trips or holidays.
    • How to get all of the above benefits in less than 3 hours (or less than 1%) of your week.

    "The Activate Your Weight Loss Program was an incredibly rewarding experience – it was a unique opportunity to inject a real, vibrant and ongoing energy into my life.
    I dropped my targeted 5kg overall, halved my body fat to 17.4% (i.e. lost 17kg of body fat, and built 12kg of new muscle tissue).
    My concentration levels are up. I focus better. I have more energy to devote to my job, to be more effective and time-efficient.
    When I reflect on the changes across all aspects of my life, they are overwhelming. It’s incredible to think that so much can change in such a short period of time.”

    The Activate Your Weight Loss Program takes the guess work out of creating the body you have always wanted by providing you with a unique and very powerful system designed to empower you to create and maintain your ideal body on a day to day basis, and includes;

    1) The Activate Your Weight Loss with EASE Book
    This Book Will Positively Change Your Body and Life Forever
    Finally a book that explains everything you ever needed to know about how
    to activate your weight loss with EASE.
    You will learn:
    • A very simple 5 step process that empowers you to create your ideal body and life and…
    • You will be given 10 easy tools to support the creation of your ideal body and life on a daily basis.
    The Activate Your Weight Loss with EASE Book is essentially an instruction manual for manifesting anything you desire and is the perfect hand book to provide the theory behind the Activate Your Weight Loss Program.
    Here’s what the Experts are saying…
    "I have read many books in the past, which have dealt brilliantly with different areas of my life. Now, I have finally found one that deals with ALL of those areas in one complete book – mental, physical and inner health. Activate Your Weight Loss proves how stress and negative thoughts can prove debilitating and sometimes fatal. This book is filled with powerful and fundamental truths for people who want to take control of their body and lives and understand how to improve their circumstances...Follow Activate Your Weight Loss’s simple strategies and feel the difference."

    Kerri Pottharst OAM
    Olympic Gold Medallist 2000
    Olympic Bronze Medallist 1996
    “This book is about freedom. It not about attempting to "fix" your problems, but about taking a holistic approach to balance everything in your life so that are free to live the life you have always dreamed of. You will learn to do more, feel more and achieve more than ever before. This is truly a life-changing book. Get it, use it and thank me later! You won’t be sorry!”

    Dr Robert Anthony
    2) The Activate Your Weight Loss Program Training Diary to track all of your workouts and monitor all of your progress.
    Whether you train at home, at the gym or in your hotel room the Activate Your Weight Loss Program Training Diary will act as your very own personal trainer empowering you to create and maintain your ideal body on a day to day basis.
    The Training Diary will provide you with your daily training program, exercise photos to follow and will track all of your workouts and monitor all of your progress throughout a 90 Day Period.
    3) The Activate Your Weight Loss Program also includes:
    A Comprehensive Nutrition, Lifestyle and Fitness Assessment so that you can assess your current health and wellbeing status and also measure the amazing physical results you are guaranteed to experience on your Activate Your Weight Loss journey.
    A 7 Day Kick Start Detox Program to ensure you cleanse your body, mind and other areas of your life ensuring you get maximum results in no time at all.
    A Scientifically Proven Exercise Program designed specifically to increase your muscle tone, definition, flexibility and cardio vascular fitness whilst reducing your unwanted body fat in the minimum time possible.
    Access to over 75 Exercise Photos for every body part, meaning you receive all the benefits of having your own personal trainer in your home, office or hotel room and it only takes 20 minutes per day!
    A complete set of Healthy Nutritional Guidelines which will fit into your life and still allow you to enjoy the things you love, while guaranteeing you the best possible results.
    A Weekly Shopping List to ensure that you purchase all the right foods that will guarantee you maximum success.
    A Powerful Goal Setting Program complete with an action plan for each goal, as well as weekly updates and a weekly summary to ensure you keep on track at all times.
    A Powerful “Creating Your Life of EASE Program” that empowers you to know who you are and who you want to become. The creating your life of EASE program will also identify any negative, limiting or conflicting thoughts, feelings or behaviours that may be stopping you from achieving your ideal body and provide you with the tools, solutions and support to overcome these obstacles.
    A Personal Peace Guide. This "how to" instruction guide teaches you the amazing healing tool that is taking the world by storm. It includes diagrams, worksheets and a complete procedure designed to remove your cravings, addictions, fears, phobias, stresses and internal sabotage, as well as support you to experience a greater sense of inner peace and fulfilment. And best of all…it's all at your finger tips right now.
    A Revolutionary Visualisation Tool that creates the imagery and does the visualising for you. This process is guaranteed to increase the power of your visualisation sessions by over 400% and will blow you away with how simple it is to perform and how fast you begin to attract the things you are visualising.
    Plus $497 worth of Life Changing Bonuses!
    To add further value and to ensure that you have every possible chance of success with the Activate Your Weight Loss Program I would also like to offer you five additional life changing bonuses valued at $497,Absolutely Free!!
    **Bonus One** (Total Value $159!)
    The Learn How to Perform Emotional Freedom Techniques Videos
    In this 2 part video series you will:
    • Learn how to perform Emotional Freedom Techniques (or EFT) so that you can reduce or remove any stresses that you have in your life right now
    • Learn the simple EFT technique that allows you to attract anything that you desire and it takes less than 5 minutes.
    **Bonus Two** (Total Value $97!)
    A Real Life Video Example of an Activate Your Weight Loss Client Overcoming their Body Weight / Fat Issues
    In this video you will:
    • Witness first hand the amazing reason that this client was carrying body fat in the first place and it has nothing to do with over eating or being lazy.
    • See how easy it is to remove the underlying issues that are causing the excess body weight and body perception disorder.
    This video will change the way you think about your body for ever.
    **Bonus Three** (Total Value $97!)
    A Real Life Video Example of an Activate Your Weight Loss Client Overcoming their Cravings and Addictions
    In this video you will:
    • Witness first hand the amazing secret to removing your sugar, sweets, cakes, caffeine, ice cream cravings and addictions for ever.
    • Learn how to apply this technique to your own cravings and addictions with guaranteed success.
    This video will change the way you think about your cravings for ever.
    **Bonus Four** (Total Value $97!)
    The Intention Meditation Guided Audio Program
    This downloadable Intention Meditation program is designed to put you in the optimal state of mind and provides the rocket fuel behind your Activate Your Weight Loss Program.
    You will learn how to use the power of intention to attract whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want whilst relaxing in the comfort of your favourite armchair.
    **Bonus Five** (Total Value $47!)
    An Audio Interview with Activate Your Weight Loss founder, Andrew McCombe
    In this 28 minute interview you will learn:
    • The main reasons that traditional weight loss programs fail.
    • The 5 step process that you can do to ensure your weight loss program is a success and…
    • The one simple piece of advice that could transform your body and life forever.

    Activate Your Life’s Risk Free
    90 Day Money Back Guarantee
    If after 90 days of performing the Activate Your Weight Loss Program you are not 100% satisfied with your progress then I will refund 100% of your investment and give you a one hour coaching session with myself (valued at $165) absolutely free. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
    You can even keep the Activate Your Life Book and Training Diary and the $497 worth of bonuses.
    Creating Your Perfect Body has never been easier!
    But you must TAKE ACTION now!!
    This offer is only available for a very limited time.
    “Creating your ideal body is easy to do and easy not to do,
    the choice is yours!”
    Taking part in the Activate Your Weight Loss Program could very well be the best decision you ever make.
    If you are ready to transform your body, and take your results to a whole new level, then click the Add to Cart button below.
    Here's to creating your ideal Body and Life
    Andrew McCombe
    Managing Director
    “I totally recommend the Activate Your Weight Loss Program to anyone who feels they want to find a way of enhancing each aspect of their life in a way which is rewarding, easy to follow, and which can be easily incorporated into their current lifestyle…the rewards will make it so worthwhile.”
    - Louise Moule, Sydney

Activate Your Weight Loss Program-EBook Version
Price $97.00
 ( $88.18 excl. tax)
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