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Welcome to Activate Your Weight Loss.

For many years as a sport scientist, personal trainer and performance coach, I have been working with clients who come to me for advice about how they can improve the performance and quality of their bodies;

  • Some want help to Lose Weight and Tone Up,
  • Others want to Overcome their Sugar, Chocolate and Junk Food Cravings and Addictions,
  • Some need to Reduce their Blood Pressure and the effects of Stress,
  • Many want to Put on Muscle and...
  • Everyone wants to Look and Feel better.

But, invariably I have found that it is never my client’s physical bodies that require improvement in the first instance.

In every client with whom I have ever worked I have found that there has been some underlying issue (that they were not consciously aware of) that was being reflected in the current state of his or her body and health.

It became evident to me that when a person is dissatisfied or experiencing dis-EASE, in some aspect of their life, this dissatisfaction manifests itself through their body.

Effectively, the body is a barometer for life; if something isn’t going well in a certain area of life, it manifests through the body.

And therefore, the reason that most traditional health and well-being programs fail is because they only address the physical aspect of the human being.

Most practitioners, therapists and trainers focus almost all of their attention on perfecting the physical aspect of their clients by;

  • Masking or treating symptoms,
  • Developing physical fitness and strength
  • Or removing or implanting parts of the human body through surgery.

In their efforts to provide a quick fix for their clients they ignore the fact that human beings are more than just a physical body;

We are also profoundly influenced by our thoughts, feelings and emotions, to the extent that when our mental, emotional and spiritual elements are working in harmony, the physical aspect of our selves will perform more efficiently and effectively and provide us with greater results than if we had concentrated on our physical aspect alone.

The evidence that this is true was only too apparent to me when working with my clients. I found that when they did address the underlying cause of their dissatisfaction (that is, their dis-EASE), their physical bodies responded with a lot less effort and they began to see amazing results in all areas of their lives. 

So, if your goal is to:

 Lose Weight and Tone Up

 Get Fit and Look Fantastic in your new clothes

 Remove addictive Food, Sugar, Alcohol and Nicotine Cravings

 Set yourself free from your Emotional Eating Habits and

 Finally Feel Good About Yourself

…all with the support of a Holistic Program that allows you to maintain your current lifestyle…

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I'm Andrew McCombe and I look forward to supporting you to Activate Your Weight Loss and Create Your Perfect Body with EASE.

Andrew McCombe 

"90 days down the track, my life has turned 180 degrees: I know who I am again, and I have a life of energy, fulfilment and joy...I spring out of bed at 6am every day (without an alarm clock!!) and fit literally 4 times as much into my days as I used to:  I have lost 14.5% body fat, and dropped almost two dress sizes. I love feeling so fit and alive and knowing that my body is functioning better than it has done in over ten years." - Emily Mason, Sydney


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