Do you often start a personal development program and drop out within the first two weeks?...

Well if you are like the 80% of all personal development program participants in the world, then the Activate Your Life Coaching Sessions and/or 90 Day Coaching Program may be for you.

First, we will assess your current body and life situation,

Second, we will guide you to get full clarity around what your ideal body and life looks and feels like,

Third, we will support you to identify and remove any internal resistance that you may have towards the attainment of your ideal body and life,

And then, together we will design and implement a personalized program that empowers you to achieve the ideal body and life that you desire,

Finally and most importantly, we will educate, motivate, inspire and keep you accountable to achieving your ideal body and life on a daily basis, giving you a greater feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

So if you want to:

  • Lose Weight, Tone Up and Feel Good about Yourself,
  • Free Yourself from any Limiting Fears, Phobias or Addictions,
  • Increase your Current Income and Attract More Wealth and Abundance,
  • Attract Your Ideal Partner or Improve Your Current Relationships,
  • Get more Clarity, Direction, Performance and Success from your Career or Business,

Then allow Activate Your Weight Loss with Andrew McCombe to empower you to get from where you are to where you really want to be in all areas of your life.

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Coaching Details

How long?

  • One Off Sessions can be purchased by the hour, half day, full day or multi-day.
  • On going Coaching Programs (to complement the Activate Your Weight Loss Program) can be tailored to your requirements.

How many people can attend?

  • As many people can attend as you like, but there is a minimum of one hour allocated per person. For example; if you have two people then a minimum two hour session will be required.


  • Sessions can be perfromed on the Phone, on Skype (the free internet phone) for national and international clients, in Person at the Activate Your Life office, on Retreat, or at Your Place (by special arrangement)

What if I can't come to Manly?

  • Andrew will consider traveling to you but additional terms and condition apply. For further details contact the Activate Your Life office.

What is my Investment?

  • One Hour: $150 + GST
  • Day and Multi Day Retreats can be arranged.

What are my payment options?

  • We accept Cheque, Paypal, Credit Card and Direct Bank Deposits and if required a 3 monthly payment plan can be arranged for retreats and on-going coaching programs.

How do I book?

  • If you are 100% committed to having your ideal body and living your ideal life and you would like to book Andrew McCombe for an Activate Your Life Coaching session, ongoing program or retreat, or you have additional questions then contact the Activate Your Life office on 61 2 9977 3362 or email info@activateyourweightloss.com.au 

Here's what some of our clients are saying...


"I've travelled the world going to seminars for personal development and have done many different things for my growth. The Activate Your Life Coaching Program has helped me make some big changes in my life. I can hardly believe the level of support that I have received" - Sue Henry

"I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you did for me. You touched my life in a way no other human being has ever done or is ever likely too. Your one in a billion and I'm blessed for having had the privilege of meeting and befriending you." – Alan Armstrong

"The key thing about having a coach is that you have someone who is there entirely for you.  For the length of the session your needs and requirements are all that matter.” - Eva Forsaith

"I totally recommend Activate Your Life Coaching to anyone who feels they want to find a way of enhancing each aspect of their life in a way which is rewarding, easy to follow and which can be easily incorporated into their current lifestyle…the rewards will make it so worthwhile." – Louise Moule